As the manufacturer of the world’s first and only spiral escalators, Universal escalators continues to strive for excellence and innovation.

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Universal Electric Elevators & Escalators are Comprehensive in range and flexible in design, our escalators and moving walkways adapt to the building’s specific requirements. Our escalator technology and moving walkways have been designed for safety and engineered for reliability. Universal commitment is to keep your building running efficiently, in every circumstance. Capital areas of usage are departmental stores, shopping malls, airports, facility systems, practice centers, hotels, arenas, stadiums and buildings. Escalators generally have three typical configuration options: parallel (up and down escalators side by side or separated by a distance), crisscross (minimizes space requirements by “stacking” escalators that go in one direction) and multiple parallel (two or more escalators together that travel in one direction next to one or two escalators in the same bank that travel in the other direction). We provide all the three types of escalators at very cost effective prices.